Commercial Use of Images - Fees

November 16, 2016Posted by Webmaster


Private / Home Use

Private use for a single individual is free. If you will make no profit on the image, the full resolution image is yours to print, keep, etc. Please consider donating below.

Commercial and Business Use

If you wish to use these images in a business, with or without profit, image use fees apply. Image use fees are listed in the table below. Payment of these fees is done through the Paypal Donation Link at the bottom of the page. Once the fees are paid, you may use the images. There is no reason to contact me unless you have further questions, need a receipt, etc.

Purpose Number of Copies Fee Per Image
On a website (900px width max) n/a $10
On a website (1600px width max) n/a $15
On a website (More than 1600px width) n/a $20
In Print (Any DPI/resolution) Less than 1000 $20
In Print (Any DPI/resolution) More than 1000 $15

For each image used, please use a caption credit of Photo courtesy of . Again, the math is the honor system. Figure up how much you should pay in fees, pay them to the paypal account below, and you may use them without contacting me.