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St Elmo is touted as being Colorado's best preserved ghost town. Most of the structures here are of era and well preserved. It is a local tourist place now, but still does give some of its authentic feel. It is seasonally occupied and very scenic.

In Ghost Towns : Colorado Style Ken relates that a man by the name of Dr. Wright was shot four times by friends trying to stop a bear from mauling him. One shot hit his powder horn and the blast scared away the bear. Dr Wright survived and in 1871 prospected in Chalk Creek at the St Elmo site. By 1878 the town has begun to take shape. Originally named Forest City because of the trees, it was renamed St Elmo due to postal conflicts with St Elmo, CA. As mines closed, the last train left St Elmo in 1926, leaving the population of the town at 6. The post office closed in 1952 and the county stopped plowing the roads, leaving the Starks isolated. Today, it can be visited again, thanks to the Starks having preserved so much of it.

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