Frequently Asked Questions

November 14, 2016Posted by Webmaster


Q: What can I use the images for?
A: You are free to use the images for personal use, exceptions are the showcase photos. Showcase photos require money, that's how it goes. For commercial uses, see the commercial use fees tab at the right.

Q: Are they really free?
A: For personal use, yes, exception being the Showcase photos. If you love them and can afford it, please donate at the bottom of the page. If you can't fill your gas tank, don't. Honor system, and its up to you.

Q: What resolutions were they taken in?
A: A few might be 640x480, the rest are 2.3, 4.0, 8.0, 10.1, and 18 megapixels. Each image (as it appears in full res on this site) is un-edited in any photo program.

Q: What about the thumbnails?
A: Thumbnails are generated on the fly with a little PHP trickery. These images are 575 images wide, maintaining aspect ratios. These are the images on the page. Clicking on the image will generate a 900px wide image, good for computer viewing. One click further and you are at the original, full sized image.

Q: Are the full sized images resized?
A: Neither resized nor recompressed, with the exception of a handful that are noted in the photo captions. These images are straight off the memory card. I thought about the option of recompressing them all, cutting download times in half with no noticable quality drop - but that would defeat the purpose of this site.

Q: What are the videos captured in? (The videos won't play)
A: Depending on the camera, they might be 320x240 at 15fps, 640x480 at 30fps, or full 1080I at 30fps. All play on Windows Media Player 11. H264 is the codec used on the HD videos, while the other two formats are motion JPEG or WMV.

Q : Did you take all images here?
A: Most everything, yes. Historic images have been taken from other sites as they are older than 70 years and are no longer copyrighted. Some photos of historic sites were obtained from the United States Geological Survey and are public domain. These images are marked in the caption. Everything else has been taken by myself or supplied by a select group of friends, also noted in the caption.

Q: There are other sites for ghost town photos. Whats different about yours?
A: The entire point of this site differing from the other sites is image size. There are some other ghost town websites out there which are really good, but they either concentrate on historical data or aren't updated often. This will be updated often as time permits, and your allowed to have the full size image dumps from my digital camera. This entire site contains 32Gb of photos.

Q: You suck! This is not my favorite ghost town site!
A: You suck! You are not my favorite viewer!

Q: May I link to your site, and would you link to mine?
A: I'll trade links for links, no problem, provided your site is appropriate for all audiences.

Q: How can I help out?
A: Take me places in your Jeep that my 2WD cannot get to, or click below and donate.

Please donate. I am poor and unemployed. I need the money to feed my dog pizza.